FANFARO Marine 3040 is premium, extra high performance 30 TBN engine oil designed for use in the most severe residual-fueled, medium-speed diesel engines used in marine and stationary power applications. These diesel engine oils have been specially formulated to provide outstanding residual fuel compatibility characteristics to deliver excellent engine cleanliness, especially in crankcase, camshaft areas, ring belt and piston undercrowns. They provide excellent high temperature oxidation and thermal stability, low volatility, high load-carrying properties and corrosion protection. PEMCO Marine 3040 have industry-leading thermal and oxidation stability. They have excellent TBN retention and resistance to viscosity increases over long operating periods. They also promote a high level of engine cleanliness with protection against wear.

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:

TYPE Ship Engine Oil

SAE 40


TBN 30

Packages (article number):

208L (FF2406-DR)1000L (FF2406-IBC)